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Services Offered:


Holistic Nutrition Consulting
Meal Prepping
Meal Planning
Food Journal Support
Kitchen Cabinet Clean-Up
Juicing Consultations
Grocery Store Tours
pH Testing
ALCAT Allergy Testing


Ion Detox Foot Bath
Herbal Detox Body Wraps
Ear Candling


BURST Exercise Training

Educational Webinars

Weekly: Sunday Evenings 9:00 PM Central Time
Affirmation Card
I designed these myself! A card you can place anywhere to remind yourself how AMAZING you are!
Price: $5.00
Weekly Health and Wellness Webinar
1 hour educational webinar. A different topic each week!
Price: $15.00
7 Day Self-Love Boot Camp
Meal plan, recipes, workouts, life coaching, and self love tips!
Price: $35.00

Holistic Nutrition Consulting

What is Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic nutrition looks at the total person, their dietary intake including supplements and lifestyle. Nutritionists believe food is our most important medicine, and should be addressed first in the healing process.

Holistic nutritionists are nationally certified and regularly interface with healthcare practitioners aiding in addressing chronic health challenges that respond to changes in food choices, allergens, supplements, deficiencies and imbalances.

Initial Consultation (45 minutes)
•Discuss details: health goals, past history, current diet, special dietary preferences, family history. •Assess nutrition, dietary needs, dietary/environmental toxins, sleep cycles, stress, parasites/fungus, and digestion •Discuss dietary options and decide together the best nutrition intervention to proceed with.
Price: $60.00
30 Minute Follow-Up Consultation
Quick consultation if you have a few questions that you want answered
Price: $35.00
Package of 10 Follow Up Consultations (30 Minutes Each)
This is for added support and to keep you on track!
Price: $275.00
One Phone, Skype, or Face-Time Consultation
(30 Minutes)
Price: $30.00
Meal Prepping
$72 for 6 ready-to-eat meals. All "Jackie Approved" clean- eating recipes sans gluten, grains and refined sugars. (New menu each week) Perfect for busy professionals and singles! Pick up in Estherville, Iowa on Mondays between 6-8 PM. I only have 5 spots open each week. Advance payment is required. Please email me to reserve your spot! [email protected]
Price: $72.00
One Month Customized Meal Planning Package
You will get: *Food Plan Information with Recipes *Acceptable Protein, Fat, Carb Choices *Clean Eating Grocery Shopping List *Clean Eating Recipe Book *Food Combining/Portion Size Guide
Price: $200.00
One Week Food Journal Help
If you need weekly help and accountability I give suggestions and goals that will keep you on the right track! Please message me with questions!
Price: $25.00
Kitchen Cabinet Clean-Up
Toxic foods, old expired items, nutrient deficient foods, and chemicals are hidden behind your cabinet doors. I will show you what to throw out and what staple items you should buy to have on hand in order to make delicious meals for you and your family that promote health and healing! (Kitchen only; mileage fee may apply)
Price: $200.00
Juicing Consultation
New to juicing? I will show you the ropes! These consultations are in your own home (or my office) where I show you how to use your juicer, (or mine if you have not purchased one yet) which produce is most beneficial to juice for health, helpful tips, recipes, and more! (Mileage fee may apply)
Price: $150.00
Grocery Store Tour (One-on-One)
*How to navigate a grocery store *How to save $$ and shop on a budget *What organic items you should be buying-Dirty Dozen List-most contaminated produce items *The top 10 most toxic ingredients and foods to avoid that have adverse affects on your health *How to read food labels to find hidden ingredients - Most “diet foods” are loaded with chemicals, additives, are devoid of nutrients, and actually make you gain more weight! The best food choices for health and healing your body!
Price: $150.00

pH Testing

Most people do not feel  any where near as good as they could. The vast majority of people believe that their lack of energy and health is just part of the aging process.

Regardless of how much you work out and try to eat right, if you cannot balance the acids in your body, you will never feel as good as you would like to be. The problem is, on a whole, the average western diet is acid-producing. And when acidic wastes accumulate, they can cause organs to malfunction and breakdown. This creates a breeding ground for various forms of chronic illnesses that are now experienced by more than half the population. If you often feel tired, it is a safe bet that you are overly acidic. The solution is to counter acidity with alkaline foods!!!  Get your pH tested to see if your body is acidic.  

One pH Test
Simple saliva test to see if your body is overly acidic.
Price: $10.00

ALCAT Allergy Testing

The ALCAT Test identifies reactions to over 300 foods, chemicals and other substances associated with inflammation that are linked to chronic health problems like migraines, aching joints, fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders, eczema, hyperactivity/ADD, asthma and even obesity.

Price varies depending on test panel. May be able to use your HSA or Flex Account! 

Ion Detox Foot Bath

 Do you need to DETOX???
Just like dusting your furniture and cleaning your bathrooms, the human body needs to be cleaned too.
Here is a checklist of symptoms to signal it may be time for a reliable “body cleaning”...
✓ Do you experience fatigue or low energy levels?
✓ Do you experience brain fog, lack of concentration/poor memory?
✓ Do you crave or eat sugar?
✓ Do you have less than two bowel movements a day?
✓ Do you experience indigestion/acid reflux after eating?
✓ Are you overweight and have inflammation?
✓ Do you experience recurring yeast infections, jock itch, or foot fungus?
✓ Do you take prescription medications?
✓ Do you experience frequent headaches?
✓ Do you have bad breath or excessive body odor?
✓ Do you experience depression or mood swings?
✓ Do you have food allergies or skin problems?
✓ Do you eat fast food, fatty foods, processed or fried foods, soda?

The ion foot bath is a powerful way to experience a cellular detoxification. It generates a stream of positive and negative ions (charged atoms) which attract and attach themselves to oppositely charged toxic particles. Through osmosis these toxins are drawn out of the body through the pores of your feet to cleanse and detoxify the body. It increase energy (both physically and mental energy), vitality, stamina, and weight loss at the same time it is used to purge (ionic detoxifications) the body of toxins, chemicals, radiation, pollution, synthetics, and other foreign material trapped in the body that have clogged up the systems of elimination.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products and information contained herein are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases or, medical problems. It is not intended to replace your doctor's recommendations.
One Ion Foot Detox Session
(30 Minutes)
Price: $45.00
4 Ion Foot Detox Sessions
Package of 4 Sessions (30 Minutes Each)
Price: $165.00
10 Ion Foot Detox Sessions
Package of 10 Sessions (30 Minutes Each)
Price: $381.00
Herbal Detox Body Wraps

Expect "ultimate" results with this amazing herbal body wrap!  The Ultimate Body Applicator is a non-woven cloth wrap that has been infused with a powerful, botanically-based formula to deliver you maximum tightening, toning, and firming results when applied to the skin. It continuously hydrates for firmer, smoother, more youthful-looking skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite and skin slackening. 

It is natural and aids the body in releasing toxins, tightening and toning the body and emulsifying fat so that you lose inches in a 45 minute application. This inch loss can be from 1-6 inches in 45 minutes and last from 2-6 months, or forever with a healthy lifestyle.

Not water loss
Fat and toxins are lost
Skin is toned and tightened
Reduce pain and inflammation
Sculpting and body contouring
Featured in the Emmy Gift Bags
Featured at the Academy Awards
Featured on CNN as a natural alternative to botox and liposuction
Easy, not messy and affordable-made to use at home

One Herbal Detox Body Wrap
(45 Minutes)
Price: $30.00
Full Treatment of Body Wraps (4 Wraps)
One full treatment. Includes 4 herbal detox body wrap sessions for ultimate results! (45 Minutes Each)
Price: $120.00
One Herbal Detox Body Wrap and One Detox Session
Combination Wrap and Ion Foot Detox Session (45 Minutes)
Price: $75.00
4 Wraps and 4 Foot Detox Sessions
Package of 4 Wraps and 4 Foot Baths
Price: $282.00

Ear Candling

What is Ear Candling? 

Ear candling is a holistic procedure used to remove excess wax, draw out toxins and pollutants, cleanse the sinus cavities, improve hearing and other senses and revitalize the nerve endings.
 It is also thought to have a psychic, emotional and spiritual impact on a person as it draws out negative toxins and revives the energy flows throughout the body. 

Because of all the intricate crevices in the ear, unbelievable amounts of debris can accumulate. This buildup creates a breeding ground for problems and can also interfere with correct hearing. Impacted wax can build up against ear ducts and can also block reception of incoming sound waves. This lifetime accumulation may explain some of the hearing problems we develop as we age. 
Yeasts, allergies or just wax build-up removed from the ear canal regularly will restore hearing, relieve tension or pressure in the ear and sometimes relieve other symptoms not consciously connected with the ear condition before the process
. The moist warm dark conditions in the ear cause fast growth of many organisms. If excess ear wax blocks the ear it can cause pressure build-up from various organisms. 

Clinical studies show that candida (yeast) often becomes established in the middle ear after one or two episodes of infection where an antibiotic has been used. 
Candling is believed to remove candida, yeasts, fungus, and remnants of past infections. The types of bacteria we currently fight in our ears include Streptococcus pneumonia, Staphylococcus aureus, Anaerobic bacteria, and Influenza A and B. Ear aches can be caused by mucus blown into the ear from the Eustachian tube.
 Ear candling will quite often release the pressure and relieve the pain.

Some of the benefits those undergoing ear candling have experienced include:

Removal of excess wax and allows better hearing, usually immediately
Stimulation and detoxification of the lymphatic system
Help in removal of parasites growing in the ear
Help in clearing mold caused by Candida yeast allergy
Sinuses are able to drain and flow freely reducing pressure
Improved balance and rejuvenation of the equilibrium

Beneficial relief may be obtained from ear candling for the following conditions:

Sinus discomfort congestion (reduced)
Head colds, flu and discomforts
Yeast infections
Swimmers Ear
Ear Aches
Headache and sore throat
Allergy discomfort

One Ear Candling Session
30 Minutes
Price: $30.00

BURST Exercise Training: 

When people think about exercising to lose weight they immediately think about spending countless hours of pain on the treadmill, spending hours in the gym, on the bike or in an aerobics class.  While there are many cardiovascular benefits to aerobic exercise, it can actually be doing more harm than good. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is released during long aerobic workouts  It actually increases fat storage and muscle break down.  You are never going to lose the 10, 20, 50 extra pounds by designing your body to store fat and decrease lean muscle. 

The idea of working out is to burn fat, increase lean muscle and supply your body with oxygen.  The exact opposite of what aerobic exercise does for the body!

The best and most efficient exercise is a high intensity, short duration work-out.  This is BURST TRAINING!  You give a short burst of maximal energy out put. When you do this type of workout it produces a hormone HGH (human growth hormone).  This type of work-out safely shocks the body’s physiology into becoming a muscle building, fat burning machine. 

Instead of burning fat for an hour on a treadmill, a burst training session will spike your metabolism, produce HGH, and build lean muscle that will keep your body burning fat for up to the following 48 hours!!! The benefits to exercise and increasing muscle to fat ratio:  increase energy, fat loss, improve heart and lung health, aid in elimination of toxins, improve libido, better sleep, fight depression and create better self image, manage blood sugar. 

HOW TO BURST TRAIN??? This is a work-out style; it can be done with almost any type of exercise.  It can be done at home with little to NO equipment.  It can be designed to push the most advanced athletes and it is as easy to do for any beginner.  The more muscle groups that are involved in the exercise the better.  Let me teach you how!

One BURST Exercise Session
(30 Minutes)
Price: $30.00

Cancellation Policy

If you miss your appointment, or cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged the full price of your appointment.