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Services Offered:


Holistic Nutrition Consultation

Kitchen Cabinet Clean-Up

Grocery Store Tour


Ion Detox Foot Bath

Ear Candling

Life Coaching

Individual Coaching Sessions 

7 Day Online Self-Love Boot Camp

(Offered Monthly Via Facebook) 

12 Week Self-Love Transformation (For Women) 

Girls' Self-Love & Gratitude Workshop

(Girls Ages 5-10 Years Old) 

Girl Power: Self-Love Boot Camp for Females

(Teens and Young Adults- One Month Commitment)

Holistic Nutrition Consulting

What is Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic nutrition looks at the total person, their dietary intake including supplements and lifestyle. Nutritionists believe food is our most important medicine, and should be addressed first in the healing process.

Holistic nutritionists are nationally certified and regularly interface with healthcare practitioners aiding in addressing chronic health challenges that respond to changes in food choices, allergens, supplements, deficiencies and imbalances.

Discuss details: health goals, past history, current diet, special dietary preferences, family history. •Assess nutrition, dietary needs, dietary/environmental toxins, sleep cycles, stress, parasites/fungus, and digestion •Discuss dietary options and decide together the best nutrition intervention to proceed with.