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“I was able to have Jackie present ‘Navigating the Grocery Store’ to our company and couldn't be more pleased with how it went. Jackie was informative, inspiring, educational, friendly and just overall wonderful. We do a lot centered around Health & Wellness for our employees and Jackie’s presentation was by far one of the most engaging and well-received events we've had. I would highly recommend Jackie to any person or company who wants to learn how to make healthier choices in their eating.”

~Kevin Parke, Sr. Internal Communications and Brand Specialist, Hallmark Business Connections, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Today I was DE-toxified. My friend Jackie Mart owns a company called Optimum Wellness where she is a holistic nutritionist and lifestyle coach. She gave me an herbal body wrap and a foot detox. I learned I am full of toxins and lead a toxic lifestyle. It was a very interesting consultation which made me aware of all kinds of toxins we inhale, ingest ... etc. A cool thing from all of this is she measures you before and after the body wrap as it is supposed to remove inches. Well, in my hour sitting, she measured 4 inches lost. Crazy huh? Please call her, message her here or look up her company if you are interested in consultations or detoxing. She also is teaching BURST workout classes!"​

~Annie Shurson, Hairstylist, Makeup Artist and Photographer, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Jackie’s grocery tour is well worth the time and money. I learned new things and had the opportunity to get clarification on information I had heard but wasn’t too sure about. Jackie was knowledgeable, engaging and really concerned about helping people make better choices. She made the tour fun and interactive and I would do it again."

~Jackie Flaherty, Owner/Publisher, Natural Awakenings Magazine, Twin Cities

"I have been working with Jackie for a couple weeks now, doing ionic foot detoxes, body wraps, I went on her grocery store tour, and she even came to my house to do a herbal detox wrap party with all my friends! I have never felt better or had so much energy during the day and in my work outs - and it's even final exam week I should be exhausted ; ) Thanks Jackie for everything I can't wait to keep working with you!"

~Ashley Bruber, Student, St. Paul, Minnesota

"Jackie’s Grocery Tour is informative, fun and interactive! I am into Health & Wellness as a business owner and consumer, I learned so much new information. The tour was well worth the time and money invested."

~Shannon Anderson, Owner, Organic Aah, Maple Grove, Minnesota

"I was 195 pounds when we first started talking and now I'm 161 and in great health; not bad at all and your great advice started it off!!" 

~Nik Kolidas,Magazine Publisher & Recording Artist, Aegean Multimedia, New York

"After recently attending one of Jackie's grocery store tours, I feel much less daunted by the idea of trying to eliminate preservatives and chemicals from my family's diet. It can be overwhelming to think of all the things we should not purchase or consume, and having someone guide you to alternative products or offer new ideas is infinitely helpful. It's an eye-opening experience that I would recommend to anyone!"

~Tena Hanson, Director of Library Services, Estherville Public Library, Iowa

"I'm so glad that Jackie moved back home to Northwest Iowa. I have been able to successfully complete 2 months of BURST training, take a grocery store tour and get tons of advice about healthy foods/alternative options.. BURST is the best workout class I have ever attended! Jackie switches it up everyday and makes the time fly by, though intense at times it is something I would recommend to anyone. Her daily quotes/food tips are something that I look forward to at the end of each class.The grocery store tour was very informative. I loved that she never pushed anything on us, just gave us the facts so we could make better choices. We got great gift bags and were able to take our time to get all of our questions answered. She still answers my multiple questions about eating and posts great facts on her Facebook page. I feel blessed to have been able to work with Jackie to make changes to my overall health. She is a natural born teacher and is always there to help!!"

~Amanda Mart, Administrative Secretary, Upper Des Moines Opportunity, Iowa

"Loved the Grocery Store Tour! So much of it made so much sense in today's world. Many changes have occurred in our food quality, preparation, etc. Left me with a lot to think about. I'm so glad I finally had a chance to do it. Jackie is extremely knowledgeable. It's nice to have that kind of expertise here in small town Estherville."

~Kim Anderson, Teacher, Estherville Community School District, Iowa 

"Hi Jackie-

I attended your digestion and detox with the Yoga Okoboji students, and I just wanted you to know that I loved it. I always believed I should be doing something like you, because I get really scared with what ppl put into their bodies, it's like dumpsters to me, and I don't even know half of the stuff you know about all the chemicals that are bad for you. Anyway, I did get scared, but it is a very good thing. I will be watching out more for my health. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us."

~Cris, Spirit Lake, Iowa

"I just want you to know that I absolutely look forward to every meeting we have. You are such an Inspiration to me. You have helped me remember that God has a plan for all of us and it is so important to love ourselves first and foremost!"

 "I want to thank you for always knowing exactly what to say and just being there even if you don’t even realize you are helping someone. your words of kindness and positive thoughts are so helpful."

~Female Client, Graettinger, Iowa

"The day I met Jackie Mart was the day I began to get a grasp what truly clean eating is. I had already lost around 40 lbs. with a personal trainer but, I seemed to be at somewhat of a plateau. My diet needed improvement. After discussing what a real commitment to eating less processed foods and more foods from the earth looked like with her, I began to implementing this into my diet and started seeing visible results both in the mirror and on the scale! This, of course was in addition to the BURST exercise training I was doing with her twice a week. She is a wonderful personal trainer who knows how to engage all the muscle groups and when to "push" you. In talking with Jackie you quickly realize what incredibly vast knowledge she has in both the fitness aspect of her craft and certainly the nutrition. Ms. Mart is a highly inspirational influence on my life. I have taken the principles she taught me and live them daily. I take pride now in the degree of clean eating I maintain thanks to the education she gave me. Jackie, you are a shining star to all people who desire a healthier lifestyle." 

~Kent McMahon, Polaris, Estherville, Iowa

"Thank you, Jackie Mart, for the great information and handouts tonight at the Clean Eating Community Meeting at Lunds in NE Minneapolis. The recipes will be fun to try and the food lists are helpful. It was nicely informal with lots of time for questions and sharing of experiences (and healthy snacks). I plan to attend as many as I can in the future!"

~Female Client, Fridley, Minnesota

~Male Client, Estherville, Iowa 

~Female Client, Estherville, Iowa

"You made me feel like I'm ok when I'm not really feeling ok about myself! You really have found your calling! You're so forgiving & accepting!

Thank you."

~Female Client, Ames, Iowa

~Female Client, Shoreview, Minnesota

"Want to eat healthy and live a healthy life? Jackie, is the person to contact! I have learned a lot from her. If I have a question on whether something is really healthy or not, she knows the answer. She also offers many great services like Grocery Store Tours, Ion Detox Foot Bath, and Ear Candling! Thanks Jackie!"

~Jesse Sheppard, Computer Technician, Estherville, Iowa 

~Female Client, Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Ion foot bath detox aftermath! Thanks Jackie Mart for a very educational evening! If you ever have any health related questions or want to try a body wrap or ion foot bath detox, learn about nutrition, new work outs, have a personal shopper help you in the grocery store,healthy recipes and more message Jackie and follow her blog!!!

~Kylie Coleman, Edina, Minnesota 

~Member, Self Love Sisters Women's Group

~Member, Self Love Sisters Women's Group

~Female Client, Edina, Minnesota 

~Female Client, Eden Prairie, Minnesota 

~Male Client, Minneapolis, Minnesota 

~Member, Self Love Sister's Women's Group, Minneapolis, Minnesota

~Female Client, Minneapolis, Minnesota 

~Female Client, Spring Lake Park, Minnesota

~Male Client, Northfield, Minnesota 

~Female Client, Eden Prairie, Minnesota 

~Female Client, Eden Prairie, Minnesota 

~Female Client, St. Louis Park, Minnesota 

~Facebook Follower, Minnesota 

~Facebook Follower, Minnesota 

~Ear Candling Client, Burnsville, Minnesota 

~Life Coaching Client, Milford, Iowa


You class last night was very informative and well done. Your thank you email on such a timely manner is class act."

~Sweets and Sugar Co-op Class Attendee, Minneapolis, MN

~Feedback from BURST Exercise Training Seminar at Securian Financial Group, St. Paul, MN

~Inspiration/Dream Board Creating Workshop Attendee at Valley Natural Foods Co-op, Burnsville, MN 

~Children's Cooking Class Parent at Valley Natural Foods Co-op, Burnsville, MN

~Children's Cooking Class Parent at Valley Natural Foods Co-op, Burnsville, MN

~Food Intolerance Class Attendee, Estherville, IA 

~Female Client, Lake Park, IA 

~~Children's Cooking Class Parent at Valley Natural Foods Co-op, Burnsville, MN

~Student from Spirit Lake High School, Spirit Lake, IA

~Mason Jar Madness Class Attendee at Mazopiya, Prior Lake, MN

~Girls' Self-Love & Gratitude Yoga Workshop at The Studio Yoga & Barre, Spirit Lake, IA

~~Lisa Duffy, Organizer of "Pampering with a Purpose" Event, Okoboji, IA

~Nurse at Veteran's Hospital, Minneapolis, MN 

~Pilates Fusion and Boot Camp in the Park Attendee, Graettinger, IA 

~Self-Love Boot Camp attendee, 2018 Okoboji, Iowa Summer Reading Conference

~Heart Health Talk Attendee, Ethanol Plant, Fairmont, MN

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~Pilates Fusion Class Participants, Bloomington, MN​

~Beth Mosbach, Okoboji Women's Wellness Weekend Organizer, Okoboji, IA
~Facebook follower, Spencer,  IA

~Male Client, Bursnville, MN 

"Jackie Mart's Self-Love Boot Camp was inspirational and informative for girls in my classroom. I have a quiet group who doesn't like to talk, but they did listen. Jackie was real and sincere which shows the girls that they're not alone in their teen struggles. I highly recommend anyone organization or school to invite Jackie Mart to incorporate the Self Love Boot Camp into their activities. It reinforces messages and means a lot coming from a different perspective."

~Shalene Naig, Special Education Teacher, Emmetsburg, IA
Thanks for checking in. So great!! First of all, literally best night of sleep I've had in a LOOOONG time. I went to bed around 11, and when I woke up, I grabbed my phone to check the time, my 7:30 alarm went off in my hand. That has never happened before. I wake up at least once a night to go to the bathroom. That was AMAZING! Things were also noticeably louder yesterday, and I'm feeling positive and energetic today after a foggy, sluggish week (probably has something to do with the great night of rest I had!) I also got to creep my husband and kids out with the pics we took of the foot bath & ear wax. HA! Thank you so much for a great experience - I really enjoyed our conversation.

~Female Client -Ion Detox Foot Bath and Ear Candling Session, Minnetonka, MN 

~Female Client, Graettinger, IA 

~Female Client, Armstrong, IA 

~Female Client, Spirit Lake, IA 

~Female Client, Estherville,​ IA 

~Male Fitness Challenge Participant, Blaine, MN

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